Part 1: Some Bible Basics

1-1 The Personality of God

1-13 Did Jesus create the Earth?

1-2 Implications Of The Unity Of God

1-14 Jesus Didn't Pre-Exist: And So What?


1-15 Differences Between God And Jesus

1-3 God Manifestation

1-16 The Nature of Jesus

1-4 God’s Spirit

1-17 The Humanity of Jesus

1-5 Is the Holy Spirit a Person?

1-18 The Victory Of Jesus

1-6 The Principle of Personification

1-19 The Blood Of Jesus

1-7 The Promise in Eden

1-20 Jesus And The Law Of Moses

1-8 The Promise to Abraham

1-21 Jesus As Our Representative

1-9 The Promise to David

1-22 The Meaning Of Christ's Resurrection For Us

1-10 Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus

1-23 Christ Died For Me: So What Should I Do?

1-11 The Virgin Birth

1-24 The Inspiration Of The Cross In Daily Life

1-12 Christ’s Place in God’s Plan

Part 2: The Real Christ

2-1 Images Of Jesus

2-13 Radical Demands Of Jesus

2-2 Abba, Father

2-14 The Radical Language Of Jesus

2-3 The Self-Proclamation Of Jesus

2-15 The Radical Authority Of Jesus

2-4 Jesus A Palestinian Jew

2-16 The Radical Acceptance Of Jesus

2-5 Jesus And People

2-17 Jesus: A Man Misunderstood

2-6 The Words Of Jesus

2-18 The Real Cross: Today Is Friday

2-7 The Poverty Of Jesus

2-19 The Same Yesterday And Today

2-8 Finding Meaning In Everyday Experience

2-20 The 21st Century Jesus

2-9 Jesus The Intellectual

2-21 The Importance Of The Humanity Of Christ

2-10 The Naturalness Of Jesus

2-22 The Divine Side Of Jesus

2-11 Perceiving Others’ Needs

2-23 Christ-centredness

2-12 Jesus The Radical

2-24 The Spirit Of Jesus

Part 3: The Real And The Unreal:

The Self Revelation Of Jesus In The Parables

3-1 Elements Of Unreality

3-12 The Parable Of The Prodigal (1)

3-2 End Stress

3-13 The Parable Of The Prodigal (2)

3-3 The Sower Parable 

3-14 The Parable Of The Prodigal (3):

The Unreality In Luke 15

3-4 The 11th Hour Worker

3-15 The Good Samaritan

3-5 The Two Carpenters

3-16 The Jesus Who Understands Weakness

3-6 The Fanatic Shepherd

3-17 The Sensitivity Of Jesus

3-7 Parables Of Israel

3-18 The Grace Of Jesus

3-8 Parables Of The Call Of The Gospel

3-19 The Demanding Lord

3-9 The Parables Of Judgment

3-20 Parables About The Cross

3-10 Divine Delegation

3-21 Parables Of The Kingdom

3-11 Unanswered Questions In The Parables

Part 4: How The Real Christ Was Lost

4 Why The Trinity Was Accepted : 4-1 Accommodation To Paganism

4-4 Jewish Influence On The Trinity

4-2 Genuine Intellectual Failure?

4-5 Dirty Politics And The Doctrine Of The Trinity

4-3 The Psychological Attraction Of A Non-Human Jesus

4-6 The Trinity: A Desire For Acceptance


4-7 How The Real Christ Was Lost

Appendix: Some Wrested Scriptures


5 “I came down from Heaven” (Jn. 6:33,38)

2-1“In the beginning was the word”

6 “Before Abraham was, I am”(Jn. 8:58)

2-2 "The word was with God"

7 "The glory I had with you before the world was" (Jn. 17:5)

2-3 " The word was made flesh"

8 The Rock That Followed Them (1 Cor. 10)

2-4 “The word was God”

9 “Being in the Form of God” (Phil. 2)

2-5 “All things were made by him”

10 Colossians 1:15-18:

By Jesus Were All Things Created

2-6 How Was The Logos / Word Made Flesh?

11 Hebrews 1:2:"The Son... by whom [God] made the worlds"

3 Jesus' Raising Up Of Himself (Jn. 2:19-21)

12 Who Was Melchizedek?

4 “God is a Spirit” (Jn. 4:24)